PAT Pool Billiard Workout for ACS Level 4 Instructor/Coach Certification

 The Level 4 Course is the full professional certification for instructor/coaches. This credential is generally intended for instructor/coaches for whom this is their full-time profession. Candidates have proven their teaching abilities across many students and years, and are comfortable working with players at every skill level.

Designed to develop experienced, career-oriented teaching professionals, this credential reflects the highest level of certification in the Billiard teaching industry.

Level 4 instructor/coaches must demonstrate a PAT skill level of 500 at PAT 3 Level, or better (see PAT Program for more information), have been an active Level 3 Instructor for a minimum of three years and have reached their 24th birthday.

The following requirements and expectations must be met before a Level 4 accreditation is awarded:

  • Meet all the requirements for Level 1 through Level 3.
  • Three-day certification course.
  • Train other Instructors/Coaches.
  • Encouraged to enhance or develop CueSports teaching material.
  • Can work effectively with advanced/semi-pro or pro players.
  • Participate in promoting the sport through articles, league/tournament director, training programs, etc.
  • Work or assist in specialty Billiard disciplines (e.g.., Snooker, Trick-Shots, Handicap, etc.)
  • Participate in advanced training on the psychological/mental aspects of the game, for example, attending Sports Mental Training or Peak Performance courses.
  • Onsite demonstration of various billiard shots. For example, participants must be able to perform the following: hit a follow, draw, stop shot, side spin shot demonstrations, billiard physics demonstrations as applied to the game, and other specialty shots as required by the ACS.
  • A Level 3 Instructor/Coach is required to work or train with a minimum of two (2) separate ACS Level 4 Professional Instructor/Coaches on separate occasions during the process of gaining Level 4 status. Upgrade to Level 4 must be approved by two (2) Level 4 Instructor/Coaches.
  • After completing training for Level 4, nomination for the candidate by the Level 4 lead instructor/coach must be approved by the Instructor/Coach committee, who meet on as-needed basis throughout the year.