PAT LEVEL 2 - Pool Billiard Workout

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The Level 2 Course is intended for instructor/coaches desiring to teach higher skill-level students. The minimum age to undertake the course is 19, and candidate must have been a Level 1 Instructor/Coach for a minimum of one year. Candidates are required to demonstrate a PAT skill level of at least 800 at PAT 1 Level (see PAT Program for more information).

For aspiring Level 2 Instructor/Coach candidates, PAT testing is required, but candidates may self-test on the buddy system. This means (if they can’t arrange to be formally tested), they buy the PAT Manuals and do their (honor system) best to conduct & score the test, working with a friend/player/instructor/or similar witness. The other witness must sign off on the score to be submitted to the administering lead Instructor/Coach.

Level 2 candidates should be aware that Level 3 upgrade may only be obtained through official PAT testing.

The following requirements must be completed during the Level 2 Course under a minimum ACS Level 3 lead instructor/coach before an accreditation is awarded:

  • Demonstrate that all requirements at Level 1 are completed
  • Three-day certification course
  • Review learning basic techniques for teaching the billiard stroke and mechanics
  • Participants will study more in-depth topics & techniques, for example, faults & cures, and complete game analysis.
  • Learn advanced, in-depth video analysis.
  • Participants receive instruction on self-analysis on their billiard stroke and body mechanics.
  • Basic instruction on ball control/behavior and billiard physics
  • Effectively communicate basic billiard physics concepts.
  • Performance skills criteria and metrics guidelines.
    - Ability to score at least 75 points in Equal Offense Billiards (10 innings – 7.5/inning average)
    - Effectively run 3 balls in rotation 60 % of the time (e.g., PAT1 endless position shot #8)
  • Successful completion of the written, physical teaching, and rules tests. [Test may be verbally administered.]
  • All this material is taught and covered in detail during the course (per ACS Manual or equivalent)