level 1 - acs certification

PAT LEVEL 3 - Pool Billiard Workout

The Level 1 course is the introductory course for the instructor program. It is a three-day, 8-hour/day Instructors course, allowing prospective instructors to gain basic training. The course must be taught by a minimum ACS Level 3 lead instructor/coach.

The minimum age to take the course is 18 and participants are required to demonstrate an intermediate skill level. For aspiring Level 1 Instructor/Coach candidates, PAT testing is optional and a PAT score requirement of 800 at PAT Level 1 is a general guideline (see PAT Program for more information). ACS Instructor/Coach Level 1 candidates should be aware that Level 3 upgrade may only be eventually obtained through official PAT testing.

(Note: PAT scores are a standard skill designation developed by our sister organizations around the world).

The course covers basic skills of pool, basic pool games, terminology, and etiquette.

  • Learning basic techniques for teaching the billiard stroke and body mechanics.
  • Participants may also receive instruction on their own billiard stroke and biomechanics.
  • Learning to effectively teach the billiard stroke and mechanics to beginning or novice players.
  • Training to identify common faults and corrections.
  • Learn or review basic rules and effectively answer billiard questions.
  • Introduction to billiard ball behavior.
  • Billiard physics fundamental terminology.
  • Fundamental performance skills criteria and metrics guidelines.
  • -  Ability to score at least 65 points in Equal Offense Billiards (10 innings – 6.5/inning average).
  • - Demonstrate ability to follow into a 1 diamond area at least 75% of the time (e.g., PAT 1 Exercise 3).
  • - Demonstrate ability to draw back cue ball within a 2 diamonds range at least 75% of the time (cue ball and object ball two diamonds apart).
  • - Effectively run 3 balls in rotation 50 % of the time (e.g., PAT 1 endless position shot #8).
  • Learn video taping and analysis techniques.

[The ACS recommends Jack Koehler's “The Science of Pocket Billiards” and David Alciatore’s “Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards” as the official technical textbooks for the program.]



The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards by David G. Alciatore

 Master one of the world’s most popular games with the help of a mechanical engineering professor who has a passion for pool. More than 80 principles of the game, presented with 250-plus precisely scaled illustrations and photographs, offer players of all levels a thorough overview of the fundamentals of 8-ball and 9-ball, including grip and stance, basic shots, position play and strategy, bank and kick shots, and advanced techniques such as carom and jump shots. 


The Science of Pocket Billiards by Jack H. Koehler

 THE SCIENCE OF POCKET BILLIARDS covers the complete spectrum from the basic fundamentals to the most complex concepts in pocket billiards. There are no opinions, no fairy tales from dead pool players, and no Voodoo explanations that violate the laws of physics in this book. Every concept from stance and stroke to cue-stick induced deflection is examined from a technical point of view.