Contacting High Schools for PE Classes or Intramural Competition:

 Outside of you, the room owner or an interested parent who is one of your patrons, direct some of your regular junior players of high school age to contact and solicit one teacher about your room hosting P.E. classes in billiards. They should approach a P.E. teacher, as he will be responsible for the curriculum. A P.E. teacher must chaperone and supervise the class in your billiard establishment during normal school hours.

Once the teacher comes in and meets with you to discuss logistics, the ball is rolling. 

Hosting P.E. Classes:

 Whether the school is within walking distance or a 5 minute bus ride, many teachers report that a local billiard room hosting a regular P.E. class is the best "out of school" activity, and attendance is always high.

Competition amongst the students can be a tournament format with 1st Place getting a trophy.  Tournaments can be one match per class – race to 1 in 8-ball (if 8-ball tourney), race to 1 in 9-ball (if 9-ball tourney) – double-elimination. Tournament may last 1 to 1 ½ weeks based on the size of the class and if the class is hosted every day of the week. Players ousted early play a “second-chance” tourney. After they complete the singles, you can play doubles (alternating shot format is important, as you want each player to have equal turns at the table).  Accommodating a partners tourney depends on the length of the session.

In some school districts, students can choose a specific-activity P.E. course for a three-week period; then they choose another activity P.E. course for another three week period. For instance, in E. Moline, Illinois, Dwaine Bowman of Leisure Time Billiards hosts classes for a 3-week period in the Fall, and again for a 3-week period in the Spring.

The daily charge per student is determined by the room owner, but $1.00 per student each day is suggested (waiving the fee for a student whom the teachers report cannot afford it).  The students also might have to pay an extra 50 cents if a bus is required.

Express to the school that you will run this just like a classroom and the students will not be bothered by any of your patrons nor will any of their friends or family be able to talk to them or bother them without consent from the teacher.

A written test along with attendance is good enough for a grade. 

Hosting Intramural Play:

This could be one hour after school, perhaps from 4 pm to 5 pm.  This program can be offered to schools that are at least 10 to 15 minutes away from your establishment. This might be your only alternative if high schools are not nearby, precluding any reasonable time schedule for hosting P.E. classes during regular school hours.

In your local area, research the possibility of:

  • Teacher to “sponsor” the program
  • Extra credit towards P.E. or Health could be received if students participate
  • If you compete against other schools, then "sports letters" could be won.

Single play and team play would be good for competition between schools.  This same format is used in with the schools in bowling.

 A curriculum guide for high school billiard P.E. classes – authored by ACS Instructor/Coach Bart Mahoney and retired high school teacher Marcie Davis - is available from the Billiard Education Foundation at 719-264-8300.