PAT LEVEL 3 - Pool Billiard Workout

The Level 3 Course is intended for active, experienced instructor/coaches who are ready to advance in this profession. Candidates are required to demonstrate a PAT skill level of at least 500 at PAT 2 Level (see PAT Program for more information). , have been at Level 2 for a minimum of two years, and have reached the age of 21. This certification is recognized as an International Billiard teaching professional credential by the WPA. Fully certified members may run for the ACS Board player/business seat.

The following requirements must be completed during the Level 3 Course before an accreditation is awarded:

  • Demonstrate that all requirements at Level 1 and 2 are completed.
  • Three-day certification course.
  • Can certify instructor/coaches to Level 1 and Level 2.
  • To gain Level 3, Level 3 candidate must have worked with a minimum of two separate Level 3 or Level 4 lead instructor/coaches in past history.
  • Teach advanced ball control mechanics and billiard physics concepts.
  • Advanced video analysis and bio-mechanics.
  • Advanced diagnosis of the billiard stroke and cueing techniques.
  • Requires successful completion of the written, physical teaching test, and rules tests.
  • To gain Level 3, a Level 3 candidate must have worked separately with a minimum of one (1) ACS Level 3 and one (1) ACS Level 4 lead instructor/coaches in past history.